This production is dedicated to the always-helpful individuals shown in this picture. Beginning with the administrative and financial boost from EVP Craig-Ellis Sasser, Jeff Melson offered his services along with Ray Galliard to begin the construction of our Theater Booth last March. Mr. Melson received the preliminary drawings of the booth from the Theatre Director, and then proceeded to CADD the plans for this structure with professional specs and materials. He not only received the original hand-drawn plans with kindness and generosity, but he also insisted that our booth be aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the existing design of the room. On May 13th 2016, Melson, Galliard, and Schager began assembling the booth's undercarriage in our construction facility at Northeast. After the platform and frame were completed, Mr. Melson assembled his architectural design class for the finishing work. Receiving a first-class, hands-on experience, the architectural students happily spent more than a few Monday and Wednesday fall mornings on this project under the tutelage of Mr. Melson. It gives us great pleasure to report how many times the students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to hone their skills while building something so relevant and needed. After that, Jimmy Whitehead consulted on the electrical specs, while Nathan Harrison and Derek DeVaughn installed the power to the booth’s structure. For the duration of our project, it was Davey Whitley who held us all together with his communication skills and expert custodial service. Finally, Mr. Schager’s stagecraft class executed the painting and staining of the booth’s design to complete the project. It was only through the dedicated service of our Northeast administration, faculty, staff, and students that this project was ready for the installation of our new Hines hall auditorium lighting system. It is our hope that this spirit of respect and admiration for each other’s skills and services may be recognized as one of the most valuable resources of Northeast Mississippi Community College and a major power source with which to fuel the campaign to "Grow Northeast."

Northeast Mississippi Community College's Theatre
Division is an inclusive ensemble of many different
aspects of theatre and film. We have classes and
programs that relate to: Acting, Stage Production,
Stage Makeup, and Film Production. NEMCC's Theatre
Division prides itself on being supportive of
actors, directors, and crew in varying mediums.
At NEMCC, We offer serveral courses directly related to Theatre, which include: Acting, Voice and Diction, Movement of the Actor, Theatrical Make-up, and many more! Click the image to the right to learn more!
Northeast Theatre is proud to support film as well. Students of NEMCC have produced multiple short film productions, including the 2008's Japanese Film Project and 2015's "The Athlete". Please click the photo to the left to learn more.
Click on the image to the left for Tips on Scheduling while you are at NEMCC!
While in the Northeast Theatre, we offer several scholarships to majors and non-majors that are involved in our productions. Click the image to the left to learn more!

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